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Videology™ Mini Video Brochure
Videology™ Mini Video Brochure

Videology™ Mini Video Brochure

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The Videology takes storytelling to a new level. The 2.4 inch display autoplays once opened and can store multiple videos, all while fitting in the palm of your hand. With an 128 MB capacity, you can store a short video to spread to your clients, and later interchange the video with a new one! You can bet the Videology will display your brand better than the average business card.

  • Buttons for play/pause/rewind/next video
  • 128 MB capacity, can store multiple videos
  • Autoplays once opened
  • Includes volume control wheel
  • TFT LCD 320x240 screen, built-in 300mAh battery
  • 2.4 inch video display
  • 4C printing card with matte lamination
Mock-ups shown are a digital representation of product design capabilities. Certain digital aspects may appear slightly different on the physical product.